Northern Clinical Trial Coordinators

Briefly in English

Briefly in English

Founded on 1 February 2017, Northern Clinical Trial Coordinators is owned by Anu Nuojua and Jaana Vainionpää.

As Anu is a laboratory technologist and Jaana a nurse, we can provide comprehensive, high-quality services in trial coordination through a tight collaboration between these two educational fields. We hold many years of experience in clinical pharmaceutical research in different therapeutic areas. Together with medical specialists in neurology, we have studied for instance multiple sclerosis, migraine, Parkinson’s disease, and insomnia, among others. As for gynaecological research, we have participated in trials handling dysmenorrhea, pregnancy prevention, and endometriosis. Furthermore, we have conducted cardiological and urological pharmaceutical trials. Most recently, the depression among adolescents as well as adults is one of the newest research areas we are involved in.

Our adequate facilities meet the requirements for clinical pharmaceutical trials.

For a number of years already, we have worked in close cooperation with seasoned researchers, dividing tasks as needed by the researcher and in accordance with the protocol requirements for clinical trials.

We are also able to do prescreening for other sites in Finland and other varied tasks in Clinical Trials.

We are happy to welcome more investigators to join our team and are ready to be introduced to new therapeutic areas!